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Cover of "Transgender" by Vaughan RobertsThe penultimate web post in looking at this much-talked-about subject covers Chapter 5 of the book "Transgender" by Vaughan Roberts, published by thegoodbook company, ISBN 978-1-78498-195-2 which can be obtained from your local Christian bookshop or by going to the website. The cost is just less than £3. Summaries of the remaining three chapters will follow in subsequent blog posts.

Chapter 5:


In this chapter Roberts turns to consider our rescuer Jesus Christ, who, though the Son of God, was born, raised and lived as a man, in perfect obedience and submission to his heavenly Father, even to his death on the cross, where he ‘took our separation from God upon himself, so we needn’t face it, if we trust in him.’

But that was not the end. Jesus rose from the dead, a clear indication that God is committed to the material realm which will come to its consummation in the new creation.

Meanwhile, the gospel is to be preached to all nations. Those who turn from their rebellion against God and who trust in him are given a new identity, ‘in Christ,’ one in which we are united to Jesus and are found in fellowship and relationship with him, as those who await the fullness of the new creation at the second coming of Christ at the end of this age.


However, while we await this glorious future, ‘we still live in a fallen world and continue to experience the pull of sin in our lives,’ though, wonderfully, ‘we are being set free from the power of sin through the work of the Holy Spirit within us.’

This leads to a measure of tension in our lives. The Spirit creates within us the desire to love and please God, yet the old sinful desires keep rearing their ugly heads. As Christians, we are to resist these sinful desires and live according to God’s revealed will in the bible – all by the power of his Holy Spirit! 

At this point, Roberts focuses on how that tension or battle may be real for someone struggling with gender dysphoria who becomes a Christian. ‘There is no promise that these feelings will go away,’ says Roberts. But there is the promise of the presence of the Holy Spirit. He continues, ‘My origin and destiny in Christ should affect how I live now. And that origin and destiny includes my body, with its sex.’

‘That means that those who experience gender dysphoria should resist feelings that encourage them to see themselves as anything other than the sex of their birth.’ Roberts does not hide the difficulty or pain involved here, but reminds us that all Christians are called ‘to deny ourselves, take up the cross and follow Christ.’ ‘In the midst of joy, the pain for Christians of living in a fallen world will continue.’


But our struggles do not continue forever. We await the world’s final chapter. ‘When Jesus Christ returns and we are raised to be with him, we will have perfectly restored bodies and perfectly restored minds, in a perfectly restored world. All our struggles will be over. There’ll be no more crying or mourning or pain (Rev 21:4). No more psychological alienation, but a wonderful sense of being at one with who we’re meant to be – men and women perfectly restored into the image of God, together praising and glorifying him.’

Summary prepared by Rev Hector Morrison