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A list of the key points which will be discussed at the General Assembly from 19th to 25th May has been compiled based on the Reports in the Blue Book. Click here to go to the article.

Please pray for those who will be Commissioners at this year's Assembly as they are asked to discuss and debate issues across the full breadth of the Church's activities.

Particular points for prayer include:

  • The work carried out and reported on by the Council of Assembly regarding the Strategy for the Church for the next 10 years "Worshipping God, Inspiring Faith, Connecting People" and the ongoing acknowledgement that prayer is vital, resulting in a recommendation to Assembly that further National Days of Prayer be held
  • The work reported on by the Panel on Review and Reform on how Ministry might be practised across the country - that the options being considered might allow and encourage the faithful preaching of the Word of God and real pastoral care for those being ministered to
  • The reports from Legal Questions Committee and the Theological Forum which again touch on the issue of Same-sex Marriage; that the legal opinion given might be studied carefully and precipitate action avoided, given the unchanging need to weigh any action up against scripture  and recognising the real concerns of those within the Church who see this as the wrong direction to be taking and who might find themselves under threat of legal action if they decide they will not be party to any further liberalisation of the Church's position.
    That the rightful concern for reconciliation and the ongoing work on this might not be pursued without consideration and regard for the  consequences on the basis of the beliefs and doctrines of the Church
  • The Overture which is to be brought seeking to reassess the importance and place of the Westminster Confession within the Church; that energies, time and effort may not be sucked in to supporting work on this rather than missional ministry and reaching out to the people in communities throughout Scotland with the Gospel of Christ
  • That every Commissioner might approach Assembly in a spirit of prayerful listening for God's voice speaking to them and then through them into the proceedings