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The notes in the attached PDF have been prepared as a prompt and an indication of many of the key points which will come up during the General Assembly. We are grateful for the work which has been carried out by Mike Goss in preparing this summary. They should be regarded as a helpful addition to the “Blue Book” and should assist us as we navigate it.

Each section of the Blue Book is listed under the day on which it will be discussed and certain salient points are highlighted with the appropriate deliverance or report number being given.

We seek to participate fully in the Assembly – not being, or perceived as being, a negative voice from the sidelines. We should take every opportunity to commend and affirm the many good things which are taking place within the church. Our contributions should be clear, succinct (so as not to try the patience of Assembly), gracious and they should express the principles that Covenant Fellowship Scotland believes God wishes to see demonstrated in the life, work and worship of the Church of Scotland.

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