CFS response to GA 2015 decisions

Covenant Fellowship Scotland Statement – May 2015

Covenant Fellowship Scotland deeply regrets the decision taken by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland to permit those in same-sex civil partnerships to serve as ministers and deacons within the Church.  In doing so, the Church is contravening both Scripture and our Confession of Faith, as was made clear by many speakers who spoke clearly and graciously during the debate.  We recognise the core issue is one of the authority of scripture and not the presenting issue.  We call on the Church of Scotland to repent of this sinful decision and to seek forgiveness from God, who alone sets moral standards and whose voice on this matter is clearly heard in the Scriptures.

We know that this decision has caused great pain and sorrow throughout the Church and that many people are prayerfully considering how to respond.  Some feel that the only way to protest is to leave the Church of Scotland.  Some ministers, elders, members and adherents have done so already and more will follow.  While respecting that position, our hearts’ desire is to remain within the Church, in order to seek its reformation from within.

It is important, however, that we remain without compromising our integrity.  We refuse to be complicit in any act of disobedience to the Lord’s Word taken by the Church and we do not accept this decision.  We believe that it is our prophetic duty to challenge it, to protest and to call the Church to repentance.  The trustees of Covenant Fellowship Scotland will be meeting on 8th-9th June to discuss how we will do this.
Covenant Fellowship Scotland is not being formed simply to protest on one issue.  We long to see our nation won for Christ and commit ourselves with renewed and prayerful zeal to being involved in the outworking of the mission of God in our own day and into the future, by every God-honouring means, however traditional or imaginative and radically innovative.  We fully support the ‘Tomorrow’s Calling’ initiative launched at General Assembly and we pray that God will continue to call out from His people ministers of the gospel to serve Him in this Church.

We look forward to working with all who are committed to the renewal and reformation of the Church of Scotland.

We are grateful for the support and encouragement of many in other denominations within Scotland and in our sister churches around the world who are rightly appalled by this decision.  We covet your prayers and value our partnership in the gospel as we seek to stand for the truth within the Church of Scotland.

We hope that for some, the creation of Covenant Fellowship Scotland will provide an opportunity to remain with integrity.  Many members of the Church have had no opportunity to register their dissent or to call for the Church to return to the truth revealed in Scripture.  Expressing your support for the Covenant Fellowship provides this opportunity.